A lot of Manchester United fans know that they do not have any similarity with the Brazil international footballers and this is because none of them helped the club to reach a high position in the hearts of hundreds and thousands of fans. But they have been successful in other clubs. Let’s look at some of the Brazilian players who faced challenges to play at Manchester United.

  • Fabio da Silva

Fabio da Silva along with his brother Rafael joined the Old Trafford side in 2008. Everyone expected them to become an overnight sensation and a new pair for Gary Neville at Manchester United. However, Fabio failed to prove his capability as a footballer and he soon received the dismissal letter. He had to experience relegation with Middlesbrough and Cardiff for two seasons.

  • Anderson Oliveira

Another Brazilian player, Anderson Oliveira made a move to the Old Trafford side in the year 2007 for a fee of 30 million Euros. Anderson believed that he was taken as a replacement to Paul Scholes, the midfielder. However, his career came down because of his regular injuries and unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Andres Pereira

Andres Pereira, another Brazilian international footballer, has played for Manchester United since when he turned 16. He made his team debut at Old Trafford. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Jose Mourinho trusted him, but he could not meet their expectations. He made the most number of appearances for United with 37 matches as a Brazilian player.

  • Fred

Fred became a disappointing and dissatisfying player for the Old Trafford side as the season 2018-2019 ended. He participated in about 17 games in the Premier League. Fred got separated under the leadership of Jose Mourinho. The midfielder at 27 did not prepare himself for the second season. But when Paul Pogba injured, he got the chance to play regularly in the front line-up. He progressed with the season and was declared as the best player.