The head coach of MiddlesbroughAitorKaranka, might have a busy winter transfer window ahead as the 43 year old Spanish manager has a number of players that have not been able to get any time on the pitch and this is mostly due to injuries more than anything else but as the transfer window is nearing closer of being unlocked, this can give AitorKaranka with the chance to make some moves in the transfer market and switch or offload his fringe players.

Fabio Da Silva is one of those fringe players of Middlesbrough who has not started in any of the 10 opening Premier League matches of his club during this season and there is a chance of seeing the Brazilian defender being offloaded from the Premier League club, considering his drop to the sidelines.

In the 2 opening seasons that Fabio da Silva spent performing for Middlesbrough, he was able to make consistent performances for the English club as he was an influential player for the club but things have taken a turn for the worst for Fabio da Silva as he is spending more and more time on the bench and taking into consideration that the winter transfer window is only a few months away, it’s not so hard to believe that Fabio da Silva could be transferred away and AitorKaranka could create enough funds to sign a player that can actually play a much more influential role.

Whether or not the 23 year old Brazilian player does indeed get offloaded during the winter transfer window is something that only time will tell but the recent lack of playing time that Fabio da Silva has been experiencing in this season is something that AitorKaranka should be considering as his club is currently fighting just to survive in the Premier League and are just a few points away from the relegation zone and by offloading one of his more indistinct players.