Following the conclusion of the English Championship season, Cardiff City’s Russell Slade has had a number of meetings with the head chiefs of the club including the chairman, Mehmet Dalman and with the owner of the club Vincent Tan.

These talks that have been held were established with the purpose of discussing the summer plans as well as the transfer budget that will be given to Russell Slade so he can improve his squad and hopefully earn a promotion spot into the Premier League.

Vincent Tan and Mehmet Dalman have already been very clear in their desire of pushing Cardiff City back to the Premier League but in order for this to happen, Russell Slade and his team will have go through a consistent season with positive results but they are aiming to make it happen in the next season which kicks off on August 8.

Cardiff City has been linked with a number of players that might be signed in the summer including: Johnny Russell, Nathan Byrne, Albert Ellis and Daryl Murphy just to name a few of the players who are linked with the English Championship League club.

Russell Slade was given the permission to sign at least 3 players in the summer and they are expected to be: a winger, a forward and a central midfielder as those are the positions in the squad of Russell Slade that have seemed to be in most need of having an upgrade.

The 32 year old forward of Ipswich Town, Daryl Murphy scored 27 goals for his club in the previous season and Cardiff City displayed interest in signing but the English Championship League club seems to be no longer keen on signing the veteran forward as Ipswich Town want at least €4 million and Cardiff City has started searching around for another player who can be signed at a cheaper price.