Dimitar Berbatov has been one of those players who have been rarely sent off in their careers.
But, the Bulgaria international suffered that punishment while appearing for PAOK in the top division Football in Greece last week.

Berbatov, who had come onto the ground only after the half time break, was considered the guilty of deliberately hurting one of the opposition players with his elbow by the referee.

The rules in Greece Football say that in case of a red card, a player can’t take part in the following three games that his team plays.

It means the next game that Berbatov can play now is the Cup game against Panionios which will take place on 11th of February.

As Berbatov is not quite used to these red cards, it was normal for him to be frustrated by that and after the game, he did something which was quite strange.

In a post on social media, Berbatov asked the questions to himself as if he was some media person and then, answered the questions himself too as a player.

He did so reacting to the criticism that had been happening of him after the red card.

In his answers, Berbatov refused to admit that the commitment had been lacking on his part as some people had been saying.

According to Berbatov, he always represents his club with full passion and to blame him for insufficient commitment is quite stupid.

However, Berbatov was of the view that he could have reacted better in that particular situation and possibly could have avoided the red card, but, his nerves got better off him at that point.

The last time that Berbatov had been in a red card scenario was more than a decade back when he was playing for Bayer Leverkusen.